New Features of Whatsapp in 2020 is going to amaz you

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The popular social media website Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which is currently using a large number of users, is introducing new features every day. Stay tuned, as well as in 2020, WhatsApp has announced the introduction of several new features.

According to a foreign news agency, new features will be introduced in WhatsApp, the largest mobile application for messaging, and many important features will be added to the WhatsApp as the new year arrives.

Dark Mode Feature



Customers are anxiously awaiting the Dark Mode feature in the WhatsApp. The Dark Mode feature will reduce the WhatsApp light (Brightness) which will conserve the user’s mobile battery. In this feature, the WhatsApp background will be black while the written content ie text is white.

A deleted message will disappear automatically.


Some time ago, the feature for deleting a message sent was introduced in the WhatsApp. Now by updating the same feature, it has also been added to the timeline after which the message will disappear automatically.

It is called a Disappearance Message. Messages marked in WhatsApp chat will be automatically deleted at the specified time. Its duration is from 1 hour to one year. The message will disappear after the user’s selected duration.

Reduction in fraud


The most important feature of WhatsApp is to link it to Google’s reverse image search, which will reduce the chance of spreading fake news and fraud through WhatsApp.Reverse image search images are easy to check if it is a real image or fake, if real, when and where. Google’s use of this service can reduce the spread of fake news and rumors.

This option will also expose the fraud of those who show their image of other people. The WhatsApp administration is working to link Google services directly to the WhatsApp so users can easily use it whenever they want.

So we all are waiting for New Features of Whatsapp in 2020.

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