WhatsApp Introduced Fingerprint Lock for Android – Here’s How to Enable it

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Finally, the wait is over! WhatsApp has introduced fingerprint lock for their Android version of the App months after iOS got the feature. After testing the feature on beta users WhatsApp brings biometric security to Android almost 8 months after similar feature added in iPhone. WhatsApp announced that fingerprint lock for Android users is now available:

Earlier this year, we rolled out Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone to provide an extra layer of security for WhatsApp users. Today we’re introducing similar authentication, allowing you to unlock the app with your fingerprint, on supported Android phones.

Using the fingerprint lock feature, you can make your WhatsApp more secure from unauthorized access. This feature also gives you the choice to customize the duration of the lock. You can set the App to automatically lock Immediately, After 1 minute or After 30 minutes. It also provides the choice to hide or show the content of the message in the notification. You can turn it on or off in the option Show content in the notification – Preview sender and message text inside new message notification. 

Here is how you can enable fingerprint lock for your android phone:

Fingerprint lock setup


Fingerprint lock setup2


Fingerprint lock setup3

To enable it, goto Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock. Turn on Unlock with fingerprint, and confirm your fingerprint and you are all set to fingerprint locked WhatsApp! I hope you will enjoy it 🙂 Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this new feature of WhatsApp.

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