Samsung is going to unveiled the bezel-laced 8 K TV

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For quite few years now,  Samsung has been at the forefront of technology innovation and has launched number of products that have taken transformative technology strides to many consumer tech market segments.

At the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas on January 7th, Samsung announced the release of the Premium 8 TV Q950  TS. This will set a new standard on TV screens according to the manufacturer.

There are no frames on the TV screen except for small edge at the bottom, and Samsung says its thickness is only 15 mm. The quantum processor is built into the TV with a better user interface. There is also a universal guide that guides 2 apps running simultaneously.

It also features a digital butler. Samsung says other hardware such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and older non-Internet connected devices can be controlled.

Samsung claims the television has an adaptive image setting that changes brightness and contrast depending on the atmosphere of the viewer. Like the other TVs of the brand, the 8 K QLED features quantity dot color and local dimming is in full range. Samsung is also trying to maintain the quality of video streaming content

With the aid of a tape display, it can help play content from a mobile device to a touch TV when promoting digital assistants from Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

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