Pakistan Overtook India in Freelancing

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Pakistan has risen to the fourth position, leaving India behind in freelancing growth. According to the Punjab IT Board, global ePayment  Payoneer released rankings of the top 10 countries in freelancing. Pakistan ranked fourth and India seventh in the ranking.

America is at first position, Britain is second, Brazil third, Pakistan fourth, Ukraine fifth, Philippines sixth, India seventh, Bangladesh eighth, Russia ninth and Serbia tenth.

United States stayed the fastest increasing industry with growth rate of 78%, while the United Kingdom tried to fight back with 59%. Brazil growth rate is 48 percent, Pakistan 47 percent, Ukraine 36 percent, India 29 percent, Bangladesh 27 percent, Russia 20 percent, and Serbia 19 percent growth.

According to the IT board, freelancing in Pakistan increased by 47% over last year, and the public sector is playing a key role in promoting freelancing in the country.

The remarkable growth rate improvement is the consequence of attempts by governments in this sector. A million freelancers are getting training with the E-Rozgar freelancing program, Digiskills and various other initiatives are taken by govt. Hope these projects will help transform millions of trained workers into productive people.

There are different types of freelancing market place. Freelancing offers fresh possibilities for individuals who need more flexible way of working, such as students and females at home. Most freelancers are in the age group of 25-35. According to some reports, Pakistani freelancers earn nearly $1 billion a year. However, it must be added it is not based on any proper research or study.

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