iPhone 11 Release Date, Price, News and Rumours

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It is expected that Apple is going to release iPhone 11 or iPhone xi on September 11, 2019. Although Apple has no formal news, the rumour is already beginning to give us an image of what to expect from Apple’s latest smartphone.

We’ve tracked all we can find about the release date of the iPhone 11, specs, features, price and more,  and created the ultimate guide to the next top model of Apple.

What are its features?

iPhone11 is likely to feature strong specs, a stunning camera, and modish design. It is expected that the new iPhones will have a triple camera system. To generate bigger and more detailed pictures, the third camera on the high-end models will have an ultra-wide-angle lens. It will also allow a wider zoom variety.

The camera system is a steady source of speculation because it is one of the most important selling characteristics of the recent phone. It is suggested that the front-facing camera (selfie camera) will shape 7 to 12 megapixels.

For the 2019 phones, It is expected that screen sizes to stay the same, but it is rumoured to change in 2020.

Apple sticks to a 7 nm process as 5 nm will not be prepared in time, but EUV should enable about 20% more circuitry in the same region. Couple that to the anticipated bigger chip size, and you’re getting something with the same transistor count as the recent iPad Pro designs technologies.

iPhone 11 price

Last year, by massively raising an iPhone’s price, Apple shook the smartphone universe.

The entry-level model, iPhone XR, has been priced at £ 749,  And the more premium iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost £ 999 to £ 1,449.

So what will be the cost of Apple’s fresh smartphone?

Nobody knows the iPhone’s official price yet, but it’s probably comparable to what we saw with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

If Apple provides this year’s low-cost iPhone (comparable to the XR), it’ll probably begin at $749 and go up in extra storage prices.

So what you are expecting from the new iPhone 11 about its features and pricing? Share your expectations.

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