Algorithm made by the Pakistani engineer searched most in the year 2019

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The use of artificial intelligence to control the means of transporting products from the export to the world has become commonplace. This has not only increased the speed and volume of work but also has changed the world into a global marketplace thanks to the latest sources of resources and magazines.

Artificial intelligence is helping humans in all walks of life thanks to the revolution in industries. For this purpose, the algorithm plays the most important role that is considered the key to solving any problem in artificial intelligence.

One such algorithm is the ‘NEH’ or Nawaz, the Encore, the hem algorithm, which was built in the 1980s but has grown in importance over the months and years. This algorithm was originally designed by Pakistani engineer Muhammad Nawaz to solve everyday problems and shorten the time span in computer programming.

Hamdan Nawaz created this algorithm for his Masters of Engineering thesis at Pennsylvania State University in the 80s, which became important over time, and today the algorithm is an integral part of a computer and scheduling course books. And without it, the curriculum is considered incomplete.

The real significance of this algorithm was realized in 2019 when it was named the most searched source this year in ‘Omega’, an important journal of scientific research. Of which the Pakistani engineer was the central researcher and at that time affiliated with the Engineering College Taxila. It is noteworthy that very few studies or articles have been viewed more than 1000 times on Omega.

In October 2019, Engineer Mohammed Nawaz was not only awarded a certificate but Pennsylvania State University, in a step forward, included a story in its Engineering News published in October, published in October, in a span of nearly 20 years. The popularity of the EH algorithm covers the latest applications of evolution and new research being done on it.

Nawaz was born in Lahore and graduated from UET Lahore with a Masters Degree in Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, USA. After returning home he remained associated with the teaching at UET Taxila for some time. Nowadays engineer Nawaz is abroad.





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